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Open Letters.png

Open Letters
for clarinet and piano

Duration: 9'

Year: 2020, rev. 2022

Composed for the Oregon Clarinet Symposium

Premiered by Wonkak Kim and Eunhye Grace Choi at the "Inspired by Our Heritage" Recital

Program Note

Open Letters has a dual meaning. It could mean opening a letter that I wrote for the performers, or it could be an “open letter,” which is intended to be read by a large audience. A published “open letter” is usually made available to people through a newspaper or other media outlet. In this piece, I am sending my four letters (four movements) to the audience in the form of music.


Performed by Wonkak Kim & Eunhye Grace Choi

Beall Concert Hall at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance

Recorded on March 22, 2023


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