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Joanne S. Na is a Korean-American composer based in Seoul, South Korea. She endeavors to create music that evokes human emotions, experiences, and places, and to share positive energy and hope through her music. Her output encompasses a diverse range of works including music for instrumental solo, voice, chamber ensemble, and orchestra.


Her works have been recognized by the ASCAP, BMI, Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, and Pacific Chamber Orchestra, and have received several awards including the 2021 NAfME Student Composers Competition, 2020 Seoul Grand Philharmonic Orchestra Composers Award, and Hwaum Project Academy Call for Scores. She has collaborated with renowned artists and ensembles including Grammy-winning soprano Estelí Gomez, soprano Arwen Myers, cellist Arlen Hlusko, clarinetist Wonkak Kim, 4X5 Piano Duo, Delgani String Quartet, Kenari Quartet, Helix! New Music Ensemble, Hwaum Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Chamber Orchestra, Rutgers Symphony Orchestra, and UO Symphony Orchestra.

She earned a Bachelor of Music and a summa cum laude from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, where she studied with Scott Ordway, Charles Fussell, and Vadim Neselovskyi. She holds a Masters of Music from the University of Oregon where she studied with Robert Kyr and David Crumb. She was a Graduate Teaching Fellow in Composition and has received the Outstanding Graduate Scholar Award. She currently teaches at SangMyung University in South Korea as a lecturer. In Fall 2023, she will be starting a DMA in Composition at the University of British Columbia with a Four Year Doctoral Fellowship and the R. Howard Webster Foundation Fellowship. 

미국과 한국을 오가며 활동하는 작곡가 나상윤은 미국 Rutgers University 에서 작곡과 학사를 최우수성적으로 졸업한 후 University of Oregon에서 전액장학금을 받으며 작곡과 석사 과정을 마쳤다. 석사 과정 중에는 Graduate Teaching Fellow로 여러 학부 과목을 맡아

가르쳤으며 2021년 Outstanding Graduate Scholar Award를 수상하였다.


2021년 NAfME (National Association for Music Education) Student Composers Competition에서 색소폰 콰르텟 Juice of Dreams로 대학 부문에서 우승하였고 2020년에는 오케스트라 곡 Hide and Seek로 서울그랜드필하모닉오케스트라에서 주관하는 제1회

차세대 작곡가 상을 수상하였다. 제 68회 BMI Student Composer Award 파이널리스트, 2021, 2022년도 각각 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Awards에서 파이널리스트로 이름을 올렸으며 2019년 화음챔버오케스트라에서 주관하는 화음프로젝트 아카데미 실험 공연 <에코챔버> 공모전에 당선되어 오보에와 현악사중주를 위한 Reverberation이 연주되었다.


소프라노 Estelí Gomez, Arwen Myers, 첼리스트 Arlen Hlusko, 클라리네티스트 김원각 교수 등 저명한 연주자들과 함께 작업하였으며, 그 밖에도 4X5 Piano Duo, Delgani String Quartet, Kenari Quartet, Helix! New Music Ensemble, Pacific Chamber Orchestra, Rutgers Symphony Orchestra, UO Symphony Orchestra, 서울그랜드필하모닉오케스트라, 화음챔버오케스트라에 의해 작품이 연주되었다. 2023년 가을학기부터는 University of British Columbia에서 전액장학금을 받고 박사과정 예정에 있다.


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