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Juice of Dreams
for saxophone quartet

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone

Duration: 3'30"

Year: 2021

Composed for the UO Saxophone Quartet

Selected for the 2024 Vancouver Pro Musica Sonic Boom Festival 

Winner of the NAfME Student Composers Competition, Collegiate Division (2021)

Program Note

With an attempt to explore a brassy, jazzy timbre of saxophone, this piece depicts a dream full of delights, citrus colors, and zesty flavors. The 16th-note rhythmic pulse runs throughout the piece which varies from time to time with counterpoint, lyrical melody, and unexpected rhythmic changes. All of these characteristics guide an inexorable journey of a dream—but at the end, it shatters with a final punch.


Performed by Kenari Quartet

Kyle Baldwin | Corey Dundee | Bob Eason | Steven Banks

Performed by UO Saxophone Quartet

Nick Graham | Chris Boyd | Michael Smith | Nathan Hughes

May 15, 2021 | Beall Hall, OR


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