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Hands to Hands.jpeg

Hands to Hands
for piano four hands

Duration: 5'30"

Year: 2021

Composed for the Global Composition Project

2021 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium

Program Note

There were hands between people.

There were hands between people and nature.

There were hands between you and me.

––MoonJae Lee


사람과 사람 사이에 손이 있었다.

사람과 자연 사이에 손이 있었다.

나와 너 사이에 손이 있었다.


We are all different human beings but we all live together. When two hands hold each other, it means understanding and embracing our differences. Do we understand and embrace each other? Are we ready to listen to others?


Performed by 4X5 Piano Duo (Benjamin Krause & Christina Giuca)


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